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Posted on: January 31, 2010

Dexter, what a sad ending in season 4. Cant wait for the 5..

DAMAGES, Quote I remember most from this series “do not trust anyone” 😉

The Fringe, new series from Mr. JJ Abrams (HEROES). Quite good and makes me curious about the stories.

WORST WEEK, everybody must be laugh if their watch this series.

TRUE BLOOD, what a GREAT series I ever watch..hahaha lot of sex scene, love affair, drama, mystic and lot more

SUPERNATURAL, what a cool couple of brother.

Gossip Girl, do I must explain why I LOVE this series?? You know u LOVE it too.. xoxo



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  • siska: congratulations for your sister paru.... hebat, lo bisa menghandle semua keribetan yang terjadi, hehehe...bravo!!
  • bonbonbox: traaangkyuuuuh ciaaaat, hehehehe biasa jg loo pk legging, jgn kaya wanita karier kebanyakaan deh pake rok miniii muluu... hehehehehe
  • gricia: you'll be more and more success paru!! soal motor g kepikiran pengen belajar yang matic jg gk bisa pake rok donk ke kantor.hahaha


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